Seoul Searching

I love a pun as much as the next guy, but even I must admit that this one is rather egregious. I can only claim innocence insofar as my sister made me do it. Like I said, puns are great, but living in the city of soul, one can only take so much. So I’ll try to make this the first and last. No promises.

You may have heard a bit about happenings here in Korea on the news this past week. So the president was impeached a while ago and the ruling was just upheld by the highest court. So she’s definitely out. There were some clashes, but nothing absolutely crazy. The main thing is that it adds uncertainty to some things that are happening right now, like the US missile system and various goings on in the North. Nothing to be worried about, this is sort of just how the world feels when you pay attention to world events.

On that happy note.

Also, yesterday was the 100th anniversary of the end of the Russian Empire, marked by the abdication of Nicholas II. Just as there was a lot of important Irish history last year, there’s a lot of important Russian history this year.

Wow, guys. It’s mid-March. I feel like it’s crept up on me all of a sudden. Also, I want to apologize, the title is at best a punny misnomer for this week as I haven’t really done much searching. I did finally bring myself to do a teensy bit of exploring yesterday in that I climbed the hill-mountain directly behind my apartment. It may or may not have involved approximately eight million stairs in addition to the trail-y parts. I’ll also give you a peek at my building and the view from its extremely low roof (only five stories!).

So I’ve been promising more details on life, today I’ll address license plates because why not. First of all, not as soothing as Irish plates. There seem to be three kinds (aside from US military plates, which I see occasionally): yellow, green, and white. Green are an absolute mystery, they come in different shapes, on different cars, and I kind of hate them. The yellow I believe is for passenger vehicles, so taxis and buses. They sometimes look a little different but they are basically similar and I’m pretty sure I recognize their purpose.

White are most common and I appreciate them the most. They are clear, simple, and use just one syllable block combined with numbers. I can’t say if there’s any rhyme or reason to them, but they’re at least straightforward. I don’t think anyone could really outdo Ireland in terms of lovely ways to number cars. But I’m definitely not complaining.

Korean experience of the week: jk. This past weekend I attempted to cook something fun for myself and it turned out much better than expected. Now I know that I’ve posted here before about my baking experiments with my friends, and I do really love doing that. But cooking on my own is not something that I enjoy at all. I mostly do it because I know I need to eat and it’s cheaper than eating out (and healthier, usually). And since I’m really and truly living on my own for the first time, and I have a whole year ahead of me, I figured I ought to branch out a little.

Since I’m in Korea, I naturally thought of something appropriate to try. When I visited my sister last month, she made tortillas for us and, as she told us, I can’t go back. I mean, I can because I love all bread, but homemade tortillas are so much better than store-bought ones. So I gave them a go and was pleasantly surprised by how well they turned out, how minimal the effort was, and how relatively easy the clean-up was. Take a look:


They were good not great, but I am impressed with myself for a first attempt. I didn’t even have a rolling pin. Will definitely be making again.

Anyway, that’s about all I have for you this week. Spring is approaching here (I hope) and I think things are generally on the up-and-up. Maybe not coming up roses (and more next week about the dearth of daffodils) but good enough. And that’s all I ask for.


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