Lá Fhéile Pádraig

Firstly, in a really contrary spirit to today’s festivities, I want to get you a bit up to speed on Nightmares in Dissertation Writing. Today featured Episode II: The Research Proposal which is due tomorrow. The actual process of writing the proposal hasn’t been horrible (though I’m a touch scared that I’ve messed up the formatting, can’t imagine it being a huge issue at this stage). The main problem is that I’m a disaster.

Soy un desastre.

I don’t know what it is. Well, I kind of do. But. Throughout my academic career, I’ve been a pretty good student. I’ve been mostly committed to school, enjoyed learning, and done all my work. In college, my method for dealing with procrastination (to which I often fall victim) was to simply assign myself earlier deadlines. I could procrastinate all I wanted, but to an earlier date so that, if things got really bad, I would still have an extra week or so to finish. In grad school, that hasn’t worked for me. I’ve driven myself insane looking at a blank Word document (actually, I usually at least head it) and trying to will myself to write and watching Netflix instead. Or whatever the distraction of the moment is. It’s been kind of the worst. I won’t deny that I’m currently working on this post as a means of procrastinating. Ugh. I will finish in time and it will be fine. But it will be fine once I’ve finished, until then, it’s fear and self-loathing in Stoneybatter.

I don’t want to talk loads about my topic because a) you guys probs won’t actually care that much b) it’s sort of complicated and c) I’m better at explaining it in person (hopefully that will change by the time I hand in my dissertation). But for now, at least, I’ll give you a preliminary title.

Portrayals of Autochthonous Language Minorities in Norway: Sami and Nynorsk.

And if that doesn’t turn you onto sociology, nothing will. Isn’t autochthonous an awesome word? So glad I found it. It makes me feel like I’m actually earning a Master of Philosophy degree. Only Masters of Philosophy would use such a word as autochthonous.

Anyway, in the realm of things that you actually care about: St Patrick’s Day! Sorry to disappoint (slash not really disappointing if no one was expecting anything else from me) but I’m super lame and will not be participating in any shenanigans in honor of the religious holiday during Lent. Which, when I realized that St Patrick’s Day was during Lent, I giggled. Apparently it’s a day off, because that’s a thing, yeah? If it makes you feel better, I am wearing green.

Also, a bit of history for you, celebrating today like we think of celebrating it (at least, we Americans) is actually an American thing. No one here eats corned beef and cabbage–like, ever, not just today–and the whole crazy parades and everything is largely a product of the Irish diaspora in the US which was then exported back to Ireland a few decades ago. Previously in Ireland, it was mainly commemorated by a grim (I imagine) military parade because religion=politics because Ireland. Though in all fairness, religion is pretty political everywhere, whether you like it or not.

And I cannot give you a phonetic pronunciation of this week’s title because I don’t know how it’s pronounced. I do know Patrick, which is Paw-drig, but your guess is as good as mine for fhéile. I think la is pretty straightforward. I’d probably go for Fey-luh. If you know, please comment and enlighten us all.

So, sorry about my super boring life. But, um, lame and proud? Anyway, great things in the coming week or so. Next Wednesday and Thursday are the Choral Society concerts, Elijah if you recall. Super pumped, it’s just such a great piece. Then, it’s Good Friday and Easter and a whole thing about this particular Easter in this particular place…. but that last is a subject for another post. Suffice to say, things are happening. I have loads of work. The term is almost over. How did we get here. It’s almost April which is almost summer which is almost the rest of my life. What.

I think that about covers it for this week. Work, I’m lame, more work, holidays, Ireland things. Until next week, I guess.




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