That Song Is Actually About Me

Here we are, the first week of February, the beginning of the end. End in every sense: the program is turning toward the dissertation and so one thinks of what’s next, my mind is turning toward the dissertation and so I’m going insane, and February’s basically August, yeah? It’s a dark time coming home on Thursday evenings this term. It’s dark out (though this week we celebrated sunset after 5 o’clock!), I’m super hungry, and I’ve just finished Research Methods which is, obviously, incredibly depressing in a way that my other classes are not. Anyway, it comes down to this: I’m presenting next week in Research Methods, detailing my dissertation question, background, relevant theoretical literature, methodology, and anticipated difficulties. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Because those are things that I know here, in the first week of February.

I’ve never been so upset to be a native English speaker. And I only have myself to blame, but still. I desperately want to be at least bilingual. For so many reasons, but at the moment, at least, because the topics I have in mind are all about minority European languages. None of which I speak. Ugh. Whatever, I’ll get over it. I hope.

Anyway, this past week. Australia Day (observed) was a great success, I thought. My truffles went over swimmingly, which was a relief because their making wasn’t quite heartening. I also had a toothpick worth of kangaroo which was delicious. It was rich and flavorful and just wonderful–sort of like steak, in my estimation. Also, there was Vegemite. Now I’ve never had Vegemite, but I’ve had Marmite (the English version) and while some may contend that they are significantly different, I would contend otherwise. They’re the same, I promise you. Anyway, there were these Vegemite-Ham-Cheese rolls that looked like cinnamon rolls (so you have a visual). They were fabulous in every way, I never expected to like them but I ate like four. So that was all-around lovely.

Now because these posts seem to be so dark lately, I’ll catch up a bit on my bloggerly duty and include some cats. Because cats cats cats cats cats.


They were feeling cooperative, apparently, and managed to get in one picture. Though I will say that, while far from chummy, they do snuggle near each other with some frequency. So I hope you’re feeling a bit better, I know I am.

I don’t know about you guys, but I certainly get a lot out of this blog. Not necessarily because I say anything much, but because I just really enjoy it. I’ve at various points in my life fancied myself a fledgling author (fiction only, friends) and while this is no novel, it is fun to have a place to write willy-nilly each week. Also, just so you know, willy is underlined as misspelled but nilly is not. What does nilly mean. Anyway, I’m sure it takes some amount of vanity to write for a real audience, and certainly I’m a bit vain, but hey, love the skin you’re in. I really do enjoy writing this blog and I look forward to it all week, mulling over titles, fun facts, and various other points I consider writing about. Of course, when it comes to it, the vast majority of that either utterly escapes me or I decide to do something totally unrelated. But I really do enjoy the whole process. So I hope you’re getting a little something more out of this than the occasional life updates and cat pictures. If you aren’t, though, I’m kind of over it.

Also, some of you may know this already (shoutout to my AP Lit class) but there were originally eight deadly sins, the eighth being vainglory. As I understand it, vainglory is essentially pride or vanity, though I also think there’s usually an element of other people involved. Like, you’re seeking approval or you gain pride by putting other people down. At some point along the line, some pope (who I’m assuming was super vainglorious) was like, “Nah, that’s not really a deadly sin. Let’s just have the seven.” So there you have it. That’s a verbatim historical account of how that went down.

Not much else to report this week (as ever). I’m getting pumped for a trip to Amsterdam at the end of the month during reading week. That should be a lot of fun, might also take a day trip down to Antwerp because it’s handy and fun to say. We’re also celebrating the Chinese New Year this weekend, year of the monkey. Lots of holidays, yay. In other news, the weather is still sweater weather (as predicted) and generally chilly and rainy and windy.

That’s all I have. Enjoy the cats and I’ll be back next week, same bat time, same bat channel.


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