We’re All Maniacs Here

Just got back from the cinema, saw the new James Bond film Spectre with a friend. It was thoroughly enjoyable, I thought. My favorite bit (not a spoiler) was, I think, the part where Bond and the girl are shown into the villain’s lair place and there’s a meteorite and it’s all fancy and everything and Bond whispers to her, “I think we’re supposed to be impressed.” Not much of a favorite part, you may contend, but I’ve been informed by certain sectors (particularly regarding my top five movies listed earlier in this blog) that my film sensibilities might be somewhat in poor taste. Nonetheless, they’re my sensibilities. A close second for favorite bit was when Bond and the girl get off this train (that they’re just ravaged) in the middle of the Moroccan desert, immaculately dressed. Style, if nothing else, makes Bond Bond.

Haven’t been up to much this week. It’s Reading Week here at Trinity which is to say, that time when people catch up on all the reading that they’ve missed and begin work on final assignments. The first wasn’t an issue as I’ve kept up with the reading and the second I decided to ignore because I have enough free time to complete my assignments in my normal schedule. Perhaps foolish of me, but it’s Thursday so it’s a little late to change tack. Regardless, I’m guilt free and expect to finish out the term just fine. I might have done some exploring in Dublin and surrounds but the weather’s been quite foul the past few days and I’m not about that walking miles and miles in the rain life. I did have a lovely Sunday lunch with some friends from church on Sunday and had a really enjoyable time. So things are progressing pretty normally. Christmas is creeping nearer with its characteristic tenderness and anticipation.

Speaking of, I’m so excited for Christmas. The main streets in the city center are already decked out. Fancy lights are strung across the streets and shop windows are increasingly cozy-looking. I could just curl up in one and sleep until Christmas. But not really. But actually. But no. But yes.

On another note, in my slow but steady progress through Monte Cristo, I recently came across this superb quote: “When one lives among madmen, one should train as a maniac.” How inspirational is that? I’ve heard tell that this is indeed a mad world. And I think we’ll all admit to having perhaps more than a little madness within us.

Bubba2015-11-7     He agrees.

Perhaps a little more on point as far as meaningful philosophical observations, I present you the following quote from the same: ” ‘ Admire yourself and others will admire you,’ a hundred times more useful in our days than the Greek [maxim], ‘Know thyself,’ which has now been replaced by the less demanding and more profitable art of knowing others.” A bit clunky out of context, but interesting all the same. I’ll just leave it there and, even without context, allow you to take from it what you will.

Now for the second installment in my month of poetry. Feel free to tune out. This selection captures something of the season that arouses our sense of, I don’t know, timeliness, I suppose. And certainly appeals to have us bear it in mind year-round. Anyway, I present a stellar sonnet by the renowned American poet, Robert Frost.


A scent of ripeness from over a wall.
And come to leave the routine road
And look for what had made me stall,
There sure enough was an apple tree
That had eased itself of its summer load,
And of all but its trivial foliage free,
Now breathed as light as a lady’s fan.
For there had been an apple fall
As complete as the apple had given man.
The ground was one circle of solid red.

May something go always unharvested!
May much stay out of our stated plan,
Apples or something forgotten and left,
So smelling their sweetness would be no theft.


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