Golly, two weeks through classes and just over a week into October. In some ways (mostly while struggling to remain awake through gruelingly dry academic writing) it feels like time is moving slower than ever, while at the same time it’s absolutely flying by! It makes me excited to get out into the world and do things as, like, a real adult. Well, excited and scared (yes that’s Into the Woods, yes it’s a wonderful musical, yes you should see it–film or stage, though the stage is better).

I don’t have a whole lot to report about this week. I spent most of my time doing readings because, let me tell you, there really is a lot of reading involved. A lot. And, no surprise at all, Research Methods is the actual worst. The. Worst. But I think I’ll survive and that’s what matters, yeah? I did last Friday go with some friends to Dún Laoghaire to watch the sunset. True to form, however, it was way too cloudy to see anything of the sunset other than to note the change from white to black. So we just had dinner and ice cream at this great little place called Scrum Tiddly’s (what a wonderful name). They give you a tall cup of soft serve and three toppings. I had white chocolate chips, fudge pieces (the normal yellowish kind, not chocolate), and these sprinkle-covered chocolate patty sort of things. It was a grand time. Also, any ideas on how to pronounce Dún Laoghaire? I’ll give you a hint: it’s not Doon Lah-oh-ga-hair. That’s right, it’s Twinkle Twinkle Little Star! I mean, Dun Leery. Because Irish.

Anyway, it’s been a while since I actually told you anything about being in Ireland and Dublin as such, so I thought I’d throw you some fun facts and what have you. I think it’s pretty interesting (good thing I’m here, yeah?). While I have known for a while that the two main cathedrals in Dublin– Christchurch and, surprise, St. Patrick’s– are both Church of Ireland (which is to say, basically Anglican even though the vast majority of the Republic of Ireland is Catholic) I learned this week that the Catholics don’t really have a replacement. They have what I guess is called a pro-cathedral which, instead of being for professional Catholics, is essentially an interim building used when a cathedral isn’t available. It’s just temporary. Only, like, two hundred years. That’s temporary, right? Whatever I may have about Catholics, I think it’s really sad that, with Ireland being independent and Catholic ruled since 1922, their cathedrals are still controlled by the minority that has a whole lot of repressing under its belt.

Cue philosophical musings for the week. I don’t know to what extent you guys actually read or care about this part of my entries, but it doesn’t really matter. As I said at the beginning, this is part newsletter and part journal. I always hate reading other people’s (and my own, years later) supposed ‘philosophical’ writing, but that has yet to stop me from writing it. And I do take it as a way to sort of process things, even if it’s only tangentially related to the actual musings at hand. One way or another, it’s certainly a good way to fill out my posts.

One of my course readings was talking about the changes in identity formation and meaning in the modern era. Something the writer (Zygmunt Bauman) said really got me thinking, though I took some liberties with what he was actually talking about. There is a tension between our pilgrim nature which asks, “How do I get there?” and our vagabond nature which asks, “Where should I go?” This seems to me a succinct summation of a lot of life’s challenges, as little exposure to them as I might have. Part of us struggles to find our way, and part of us struggles to walk down it once it’s found.

How do you find yourself right now? Are you searching more for a destination or for means of traveling? If you happen to find my way, please return it as it was lost years ago (yes that’s from Phantom Tollbooth, yes it’s an amazing book, yes December is National Reread Phantom Tollbooth Month).

Sorry, no cats this week. But stay tuned, they’ll be back 🙂


2 thoughts on “Wayfaring

  1. Well, anyone who’s seen P.S. I Love You knows how to pronounce Dún Laoghaire. Next, I want you to go to a place named Tiddly Winks. Please. Also, I’m never reading another one of these because this one didn’t have cats. My disappointment was monumental, and I just can’t handle that sort of thing on a weekly basis.
    P.S. I am a little (very) upset that you never respond to my lovely responses. Good thing there won’t be any more responses since I am not reading any more.


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