Sugar, Spice, and All Sorts of Nice Things

Let me tell you, I had such a wonderful day yesterday. I finally was invited to register, because at Trinity you need an invitation, and that just opened a lot of doors. I didn’t actual walk through the two major ones until today (setting up a bank account and getting my student id) but it just felt great to finally have that done. It was supposed to have happened a couple weeks ago. Golly.

Another thing that happened yesterday but bore fruit today was the package I received from my mother. I was gone when they tried to deliver it and had to pick it up at their facility this morning, so I had an hour long walk. But. It mostly contained the few things I couldn’t fit in my luggage, but it also contained a bag of rye crisps (possibly the greatest snack of all time) and fuzzy slippers. So that was fabulous. There was also a shaker of cinnamon (I felt I had to tell you to make the title true. But there was actually cinnamon. For real. I just wasn’t going to mention it).

Then, I encountered a new Irish candy bar called Lion that has a white chocolate version, and obviously it was nothing short of miraculous. This would be the sugar part of the title. FYI, white chocolate is my everything.

Then, having given up on waiting for my Trinity registration to go through, I spent some quality time in a book store and just bought The Count of Monte Cristo (which my local public library, embarrassingly, didn’t have). I’m sorry if I talk about books too much, they’re just a huge part of my life. And my phone just autocorrected part to party, and basically. Books are just a huge party.

I finished the day in a cool coffee lounge with a sort of kooky decoration style, having a lovely mug of tea and a slice of Nutella cheesecake. I don’t have to tell you the ecstasy of that dessert. I probably couldn’t if I tried. And passed the time in pleasant conversation with some be friends from church.

So yesterday was just really, really exceptional. I just want to tell you all how sorry I am that your yesterday was so lame in comparison with mine. My sincerest condolences.

Anyway, on to what this term has in store. I’m taking six classes that meet once a week for two hours. They are: United Nations and Conflict Resolution; Conflict Zones Case Study–Colombia; Race and Ethnicity, Theoretical Concepts; Colonialism, Conflict, and Liberal Intervention; Race, Ethnicity, and Social Policy; and Research Methodology. Obviously that last one terrifies me. Terrifies.

Additionally, I am now a member of the University of Dublin Choral Society which rehearses one a week. This term, we will be performing Handel’s Messiah which, interestingly enough, primiered in Dublin, or so I’ve heard. I also auditioned for the smaller Trinity Singers group and haven’t heard back. Honestly, I think the audition went terribly, but I’m not too broken up about it. I still have Choral Society.

Enough about me, on to more important things.




This week’s cat pictures generously provided by the wonderful Aarathi and Becca. His name is Captain Kirk. Obviously, he is a delightful animal and I love him from afar.

On a totally different note, I truly hope you took some action based off my challenges to you last week (didn’t realize this blog would come with challenges, didya? Don’t worry, neither did I). Nothing important or profound this week. But I do recommend the Wikipedia page for electrum. I found it really interesting. Let me know your thoughts.

That’s all I have. I’ll write again next week, provided I survive my first week of grad school.


3 thoughts on “Sugar, Spice, and All Sorts of Nice Things

  1. Yay, Keegan! What a fantastic day you had! So glad to hear this, even though the food postings taunt my taste buds.
    The prison in the Count of Monte Cristo was the ferry stop before the Island I worked on in France. Now I must see if I can find pictures.
    Best wishes for your first week!


  2. Rye crisps = you are the luckiest. Send me a candy bar and I will send you a surprise. (Honestly I was going to send you one anyway. Ruined surprise + candy = worth it.)


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