I wish it was November.

For a lot of reasons, I’m putting some major hope in the month of November. I get that life never lines up exactly, that a little chaos is both unavoidable and even desirable. Nonetheless, I wish it were November. Because I’m hoping that by then, I’ll have at the very least a better grip on this current dose of chaos.

Let me tell you, getting into this house has been quite an adventure. Last night, I slept in the sixth bed in eight days. This one was special, though, because it’s the one I’ll be calling home for the foreseeable future. I’m all moved in, things are on their way to nooks and crannies, and I’m not feeling like I over- or under-packed, which is glorious and gloriously unexpected.

It was a tough week, mostly waiting. But here I am. There’s a bit more to do, both in the house and for school, and I’ll be tackling those tasks with a bit lighter heart now that I’ve finally moved in. Orientation is this coming week, where hopefully I will get some more information on the actual schooling that will be going on this year. The week after that is ‘freshers week’ and when I hope to be joining choir and Russian club. Then school!

It’s a lot to look forward too, but also be frightened of. I make friends very slowly and am more of a homebody than I would guess are most twenty-one year old guys. Another reason to look forward to November. But, as I frequently am reminding my mother, it’s about the journey, not the destination.

And, of course, November will present its own things–bundles of them, I’m sure. It will be my first Thanksgiving celebrated outside of the country and the second (the first was freshman year of college) without family. Classes will be wrapping up and that’s rarely a fun time. On the other hand, I am coming home for Christmas (which I’m already excited about, both going home and Christmas itself). Currently listening to Christmas music on Youtube. Never too early, I say.

But for now, here we are in September. Bloom where you’re planted.


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