A Dry and Weary Land

And we’re back. The third post is always the hardest.

Ireland news first: I got the email that says my tuition and all that is about to go through. And, literally as I write this, I am talking with someone on Facebook about a place to live. So hopefully that pans out, because nothing else has so far.

In other news, I’m in California, which is cool. Cool in regards to seeing the Stelles, who are super cool. Less cool in the sense of it’s really hot. And dry. Let me tell you, this whole megadrought thing is real depressing. But actually. So. Depressing. Shasta Lake is more like Shasta Pond (if that) and the only river I drove over was the Sacramento. The other ones were either nonexistent or too small to see from the road. I don’t think of myself as a particularly enviro-crazy person, but then I encounter people who don’t understand living on a planet of finite everything and I realize that to them, I am. People are the worst. Take care of the planet. Please.

So that makes me sad. But you know what makes me happy? The Stelles. I’m so lucky to have friends like them, I love them a lot. I’ve been so blessed by them through my whole life. I’m really grateful for everything they’ve done for me, including putting me up (and putting up with me) these past couple days. Yesterday, we went to this local joint that apparently is super renowned for it’s milkshakes, probs because it has over 100 flavors (that’s not an exaggeration, might be more of an underestimation). I had a Golden Eagle (so named and colored for the local high school) and it was delicious. Honey, vanilla ice cream, and dark chocolate sprinkles. Also, importantly, I am starting a campaign for an NCIS: Bremerton so get on promoting that because it’s obviously a great idea. This trip has also been great because on my way down I got to stay with Ryan and Jenni and on my way up I’m staying with my aunt and uncle and cousin. So I get to see some family before I leave, which is rad. And here is a cat picture that is just about as rad:


I have no idea where the picture is from, but how cool is that? There’s a fun story about cabbage and me in college, but I won’t tell it because it’s really not that funny. It will be more fun for you to just think up a fun story involving Keegan, six plastic cabbages, and intense hunger. Maybe throw in a bear or two for good measure. Or just ask Tristan. Or stalk my Facebook pictures, I think one exists.

On a related (but not really related) note, the most common allergy in the US is peanuts but the most common one in central Europe is celery. Or so I’ve heard. It also, like peanuts, can provoke the most severe allergic reactions. There you have it.

Anyway, I just really wish I were that cat. I mean, look how cool it is. Sunglasses, a bell on its collar, a cabbage leaf on its head…..We sang a fun song in choir in elementary school about Brazilian Marias. Each verse mentioned a Maria from a different city. The one from Rio de Janeiro had cabbage leaves in her hair-o (“Don’t matter what you wear-o as long as you sing a song with a zing-a-za!”). So that’s fun.

That’s about all I have for you this week. Just think, regardless of my housing situation, this will be my last post before I go to Ireland. Unless, of course, I either die before I go or have a last-minute panic-post here right departure.

Hobey ho, let’s go.

P.S. While I was writing, that place I was talking about didn’t pan out 😦


2 thoughts on “A Dry and Weary Land

  1. I was googling the “Maria from Rio de Janeiro” song and one of the top results was your post! I also sang this in a school choir (middle school), and have remembered the lyrics to the Rio de Janeiro verse/chorus for over a decade. However, looking at the lyrics now I have no memory of any of the other Marias. Cool to find another person out there who had this burned in their brain!


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