I Still Don’t Know the Plural of Moose

The second post is always the hardest. It’s true I’m not really comfortable with any plural of moose. But I’m not too upset about it. Fun fact, apparently the most correct plural of octopus is octopodes because it’s Greek not Latin. But that’s not really my area.

Understand, first, that I’m writing not because I have something to say, but because I want to try to write an entry every week. I have tried disciplined journaling several times before and failed each time. My college roommate– the illustrious Tristan Slusser– encouraged me to try again. And I figure if it’s public, then there’s some accountability and, hopefully, consistency. So if you’re just looking for Ireland news, give up. I haven’t any at this juncture.

If you’re looking for fun facts, cats, and small life happenings, by all means, continue.

My first reaction to the reaction to my first blog (that’s some stellar grammar if ever I’ve seen it) was, surprise, pleasure that people enjoyed reading it. My second was dread insofar as the expectation of continued enjoyment on the part of my readers. But there’s nothing much I can do about that, my writing is what it is. So awks on you if you liked the first one much more than this one. Life’s hard. Unrelatedly, people should use words like insofar, inasmuch, and heretofore more often.

As I said, not much to report. I’ve been helping with Summer Kids’ Camp this week at my church. Small children, as many of you know, are not things I like spending time around, but it’s been a lot of fun. Tiring, but fun for sure. Shaving cream pies in faces (other peoples’, not mine), dancing in ridiculous shoes while wearing a polar bear costume (this one is me), and the baby moose (literally. We went to Northwest Trek and saw a baby moose. It was cute). Fun fact, moose (mooses? moosen? in the woodsen? a boxen of doughnuts?) can dive up to twenty feet in part due to their ability to close their nostrils. Also, it’s been great to see the kids (and our high school leaders) over the course of the week. Tiring, but so good.

Lillian’s also been watching the BBC Sherlock series which, obviously, I’ve seen several times but have no qualms about rewatching yet again. Last night was the one based off Hound of the Baskervilles. Fun fact, there is an actual military base on Dartmoor. I’ve seen it from afar. Sort of. They were doing artillery drills or something vaguely dangerous, so I couldn’t get very close. Didn’t actually see much. But there were big black vans with people that were definitely soldiers in them going to and fro.

Also, because I promised cat pictures, here’s a super attractive one of Ryan’s.


And, to make us all feel a little better, here’s one of mine.


That’s all for now. Next week I’ll probably have some more mindless babble. If we’re lucky, I’ll have some Ireland updates too. No promises.


3 thoughts on “I Still Don’t Know the Plural of Moose

  1. Obviously, Moose is uncountable as it derives from either French Mousse au Chocolade or German Apfelmus (apple sauce), depending on the region


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