Titles Are Hard

So here it is– blog post #1. You know what they say, the first is always the hardest. But here goes.

First, regarding my domain, I was going to go for just “Something Witty,” but, surprise, that was taken. So why not include cats because, really, cats cats cats cats cats.

Second, regarding the purpose of this blog: a sort of newsletter meets journal plus some cats. As a freshly minted 21 year old moving across a continent and an ocean, I thought starting a blog would be a convenient way to appease my parental units’ need to know what I’m up to. Plus, you’ll probably get some cool stories and pictures from Ireland. So that’s neat.

Third, just a bit to get started on the “keeping up with Keegan” thing. Surprise, I’m going to be studying at Trinity College Dublin starting this September. My program is called Race, Ethnicity, and Conflict (probably REC for the remainder of this blog). It is a twelve month MPhil program, which means I will (hopefully) be submitting my thesis at the end of August 2016 and will then be a master of philosophy which, let’s face it, is way cooler than being a master of basically anything else. I am in charge of my own accommodation and will hopefully have a place to live before I fly out but I might be staying in a hostel or something first while I look around in person.

Finally, a few warnings. When I say that there will probably be some cat pictures, I’m deadly serious. I take cats very seriously. I’m really into fun facts (the nice way of saying “tangents”) and will be inflicting those on you liberally, I’m sure. This may make my writing a little scattered (and by “may,” I mean “definitely will”). I’m also really into parenthetical asides (you may have noticed). I also really love/hate the Russian language and kind of talk about it a lot. If any of these things really bother you, you can pretend this blog is a reading for school– read the first and last paragraphs (initial sentences in between if you’re in a good mood) and hope nobody asks you for detailed content. Just kidding, I totally do all the assigned readings (just not the recommended ones).

Anyway, this is the place to be keeping up with me. Hobey ho let’s go.


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